Four Seater Metal Garden Tables & Chairs

Four seater metal garden table and chairs take your garden entertaining from close and cosy to fun and friendly with friends or family and are the perfect way to enjoy outdoor dining and sharing a bottle of wine. Four seat bistro sets, reminiscent of a real French café, make a wonderful and stylish addition to your garden and are available in hardwoods such as teak, aluminium, painted steel and cast iron. No patio is complete without somewhere to sit down and eat, either at lunchtime on a sunny day or in the late warmth of a summer evening. What better then, than a beautiful patio set that is easy to look after and versatile.

Metal tables and chairs come in a wide range of designs to suit any taste and any type of garden design. Whether you simply want an area where you can eat in the open and watch the world go by on your patio, or whether your entertaining is tucked away among the flowers and shrubbery of your glorious garden, a set of four chairs and a table fits the bill. If budget is tight then there are many metal sets available offering true value for money and even some including a parasol for the finishing touch. While at the other end of the price range for metal tables and chairs there are some more ornate designs made of materials such as copper or with cushions added. A four seater metal table and chair set need not just be somewhere to put your food and drink – it can be a talking point in your garden. Whatever outdoor furniture you choose just remember to give a regular wipe down with warm soapy water and put it somewhere safe if high winds are forecast, so that it can’t get blown over and damaged.

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