Eight Seater Rattan Garden Tables & Chairs

Eight seater rattan or wicker garden table and chairs sets are ideal for those who are serious about their alfresco dining. With eight people seated you can be sure of a truly memorable party and, while the food might take centre stage, rattan furniture can provide a stylish backdrop or a focal point to a garden when there are no parties planned. The long, rectangular tables, currently available online, are ideal for formal dining where place settings are required and they beg a centrepiece of the very best blooms from your flowerbeds. On the other hand, for more relaxed seating arrangements, the round tables fit the bill and are perfect gardens with slightly less space. Many of these stylish wicker or rattan tables have tempered glass versions also available.

But no matter what table you choose, they are enhanced by the classic rattan or wicker chairs. Nothing says class quite like eight black rattan garden chairs while outside rattan armchairs, with their comfy seat cushions, ensure that every guest will want to stay just that little bit longer to savour your food and company. Whether your furniture set comes in black, brown or pale wicker there is always a parasol to finish off the effect perfectly, while offering welcome shade.

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