Garden Parasol Bases

A parasol base may be a necessary addition to your parasol but it can also enhance your garden with as much elegance as the parasol itself. There is a wide range of parasol bases available and you can choose from bases that are simple, sturdy and reliable through to equally strong bases that are more ornate and garden features in themselves. The material these useful items of outdoor furniture are made from can comprise heavy duty moulded concrete, bronze, stone or even plastic which means you can find a parasol base to suit your budget as well as your style.

These modern designs can create a perfect housing for whichever parasol you choose. Perhaps you are looking for a something to blend with your garden in which case there are elegant lattice effects or geometric designs. Or perhaps you want a stand to match your parasol and in that case you can choose from the clean lines of metal or more ornate designs incorporating roses. It is worth checking the adaptability of the parasol stand as some are adjustable while others accommodate specific sizes of parasol. Many parasol bases require the addition of water or sand so it is also worthwhile identifying this requirement too.

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