Conservatory Sofas

Conservatory sofas are probably the mainstay of a comfortable conservatory for without them there is nowhere to collapse and drink in the beauty of your surrounding garden. A conservatory needs to be furnished differently from your sitting and must be selected carefully, as you cannot use ordinary household furniture in an area that can be affected by the weather.

While you are trying to create a semi outside living room, you should not use the sort of furniture that you normally use for indoor furnishing as it would look very odd and not be so resilient to strong sun, or even garden dirt, as purpose designed furniture. A conservatory sofa must create an ambiance of relaxation to give an outside-inside feel that complements nature.

Most sofas for conservatories are made of weather resistant synthetic rattan or traditional and elegant cane which is reminiscent of the Edwardian era of large conservatories filled with masses of ferns and potted palms. The majority of conservatory sofas are partnered with soft squashy fitted cushions in pretty colours and fabrics that ensure you will feel like dozing away a hot afternoon, or relax on a balmy evening sharing a glass of wine and lots of easy conversation with close friends or family.

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