Conservatory Tables & Coffee Tables

Conservatory tables are always a firm favourite with those who enjoy relaxing in their conservatory, for where else can you put a book, a phone or a glass of wine but on an elegant rattan table or a useful natural cane conservatory coffee table. All furniture in a conservatory is of course a matter of personal taste but bearing in mind the fact that this area of your home is essentially an outdoor experience you are having indoors you should choose your table with that in mind. Don’t, for example, buy something that is too big and makes everything feel more cluttered instead of light and airy.

It is probably best to stick to a paler table, possibly with a glass top, if your conservatory doesn’t get bright light all day long. It is also a good thing to consider the shape of the floor space available so that you can put a round or oval table into a more oblong shape and a square or rectangular table in somewhere with definite corners. The idea is to make everything fit neatly and flow with the feel of what is already there, including beautiful plants and pots, and this should particularly include the material, colour and texture of your conservatory table, which will need to fit with other existing furniture, such as rattan chairs or sofas.

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