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Garden fencing or natural screening is ideal to help ward off cold winds you and give you privacy from neighbours if you intend to relax or dine in your garden. Natural reed or willow screening may be used to shelter a sitting area or hide something ugly in the garden such as an oil tank or an untidy vegetable patch if it cannot be well intergrated. The density of a natural garden screen can be less than if it was a boundary as no security measure is necessary. However a soundly constructed screen should last for years and provide shelter and even shade, if required, all year round.

Panel fencing or closeboard fencing made from treated timber can effectively keep your garden or patio well hidden from prying eyes and if properly supported, so that it doesn't blow over in heavy gales, will last for a good ten years or more. It can also act as a extra growing area as many climbing plants are more than happy to scramble over wooden garden fencing if you make sure there are plenty of wires running along the panels to hold climbers such as roses, jasmin, honeysuckle and clematis in place.

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