Folding Garden Chairs

A garden folding chair should be sturdy and durable so be sure you choose one that is suitable for your needs and think about possibly matching the type of material used to any existing garden furniture such as teak or textile. These useful chairs are normally available in a variety of styles, materials and indeed sizes and many also have an optional cushion or chair pad; some may even have a built-in cushion.

Consider whether you want a garden folding chair that has a low back or whether you prefer a high back, which might offer better back support; as would proper arms. A metal folding chair for the garden is possibly more durable than wooden one but is not so easy to fit into a classic or cottage garden. You might decide to choose a chair that also has multiple reclining positions, which is better for longer periods of relaxation. A major factor though when choosing your chair is to check for specifications and a weight limit, since some are quite flimsy in design always make sure that the chair in question will support plenty of weight.

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