Garden Arches

Arches have been a garden feature since the Romans first introduced them into this country, using them to support grape vines and other plants. These days, garden arches fulfil a number of purposes from displaying beautiful climbing roses to creating a charming division in the garden. They are ideal for divisions since any small outside space can benefit from these strategically placed features that lead the eye and indeed natural curiosity to other areas beyond which can, in turn, can offer untold surprises or a complete change of design. A well positioned arch also provides a form of screening to help hide such eyesores as oil tanks, dustbins, or washing lines; chunky wooden arches are often better for this as they can carry the weight of dense planting.

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Arches are one of the most romantic features that can be introduced into any garden and they come in a variety of different materials from treated softwood to painted aluminium. The style you choose depends largely on the type of look you want to create and also whether you need a robust structure to support masses of heavy climbers or whether you just want a slender arch, or series of archways, to make an architectural statement. The latter idea can look very effective if you are installing something like a wrought iron Roman arch, where the beauty is in the structure and you don’t want to hide it with too much foliage. Any garden archway can be versatile and automatically adds height to a plain and boring garden and when covered with a plethora of roses, clematis, honeysuckle or other climbers will offer a place of enchanting fragrance for most of the summer.

Garden archways are normally available as metal arches or wooden arches, the latter being more in keeping with the traditional English cottage garden (where they are often depicted in paintings as being smothered in sweet smelling old roses) while the more contemporary garden arch made from metal is valuable for modern properties or large Victorian houses that are adorned with a lot of cast iron. Be aware also that you can purchase extra wide garden arches where you need to drive machinery through or have double width paths. The real joy of these timeless garden features is their extreme versatility and ability to create an instant and enduringly positive effect.
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