Garden Cushions

Outdoor and garden cushions are designed to add extra comfort to garden seats and benches; especially if you plan to spend many hours sitting in the garden. There are many types, sizes and colours of garden cushions available for everything from pads for bistro sets, to outdoor cushions for rattan armchairs or poolside steamers. Because some outside furniture can be quite uncomfortable without a cushion, you should always consider buying the matching set when choosing something to relax on.

This said, it is important that garden cushions can be easily replaced as they can become shabby, discoloured, or even mouldy, particularly if they never get taken indoors. Therefore it would be impractical if they formed part of the seat itself.

So when you choose an outdoor cushion consider the type of seat that you want improve and bear in mind that whether it is a dining chair, a sun lounger or a swing seat there is often a huge difference between the various types of cushion; for example a plain chair may only require a small, thin one while a garden steamer will need its own special style of well-padded cushion. In the end though, it all comes down to personal choice and everyday practicality.

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