Garden Furniture Covers

Garden furniture covers may not seem necessary in the height of summer but once the weather starts changing and heading towards winter it is not a great idea to leave your precious tables, benches and chairs outside with no protection from the elements. Wood or fabric garden furniture will soak up rainwater and heavy snow causing the loss of natural oils and rot. If you have lightweight pieces you can easily carry and a garden shed, to store them in during the worst weather then your problem is solved. On the other hand, if you own a heavy hardwood garden bench this option becomes less possible.

The best alternative is garden furniture covers; and while you will still need to take care of your outdoor timber furniture, these inexpensive covers protect your garden furniture during the harsh winter months. Most garden furniture covers are made from heavy gauge vinyl with a polyurethane lining and the more robust the gauge the more long lasting and waterproof the cover.

These vinyl exteriors not only protect your furniture from rain and snow but also from strong direct sunlight; the better quality options being highly UV tolerant and resilient to ultraviolet light. Do remember also that your garden furniture covers, come in a range of colours, should have elasticated edges or ties and be loose fitting so that they do not impede the air flow too much. This will protect hardwood and other timber items against sweating and condensation which often leads to mould, mildew or even rot.

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