Garden Furniture Advice

Bear in mind that the right kind of garden furniture should make your garden look inviting, timeless and even unusual.

Garden chairs and tables are not cheap therefore it is important to take care of them so that they last for years and years. Outdoor furniture comes in many types of material including wood, rattan cast iron, wicker and aluminium. If wood is your choice you will find that there are products that range from oak and treated stained to teak.

In true country gardens the ideal furniture is not generally metal or painted white and definitely not too town like.

Wooden garden sets certainly require a degree of upkeep and occasional maintenance which includes annual cleaning and possibly even re-sealing if they get damaged by the sun. Placing wooden furniture in long grass or on soiled areas should be avoided because this can cause water to seep into the wood and cause rotting and discolouration. Therefore it is best to keep it on paved areas or to put a paving stone under each leg or support. Remember wood is a natural material so its appearance will change over time.

If you are looking to find quality garden items in a great selection in materials and styles it is best to buy online.

When it is left outside it often changes colour to a silver greyish tone, the exact colour dependant on the environment conditions and dark spots may occur if it is positioned in the shade or under a tree. You should also make a point of preserving your furniture.

The best sort of garden seating is that which can be relaxed in, left out at night and tough enough for children to play on.

To do this and maintain the original colour of the wood teak oil should be applied probably every three to six weeks. Regular treatments will slow down the weathering process and help to minimise surface cracks. Before applying any oil be sure to remove any dirt that may have accumulated by scrubbing with a stiff brush and soapy warm water. Once the furniture is completely dry, any rough areas can be lightly sanded before the oil is applied with a clean paintbrush. If you fail to remove all the dirt and old oil before re-treatment unsightly black patches will appear on the surface where the oil and dirt have mixed. Finally, wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth and don’t be tempted to use your garden furniture until it is fully dry.

Hardwoods require an annual scrub with soap and water and then a thorough rinse, to remove algae and bird droppings etc. This will give the timber new life.

Outdoor dining furniture also comes in a variety of metals and these can be a beautiful addition to your deck or patio but they can be expensive to purchase, so you want to care for it so it lasts a long time. Items such as two seater steel patio sets tend to come with a sealant coating to prevent rust and scratches on the sealant or paint can let water in and cause rusting. Wrought iron pieces are sturdy and can withstand most weather conditions and are less likely to blow over in the wind.

It is important that seating is a feature in its own right that harmonizes with its location without being too dominant.

Outdoor woven furniture normally undergoes a chemical treatment to increase stain and moisture resistance.

Aluminum is lightweight, yet sturdy and does not rust. Be sure to keep metal furniture clean, wiping away any spills or dirt as soon as possible. Clean tougher spots with a mild dishwashing detergent and rinse then with clear water and dry with a cloth or paper towels. If rust spots do develop, brush them away with a wire brush and repaint or coat the furniture with wax to protect against further rust problems.

Cast aluminium furniture shouldn’t rust, but if the polyester coating is damaged it could peel. To prevent this, touch up the surface with a matching car or metal paint.

Man-made rattan chairs or wicker weave garden tables and chairs are not only great to look at but are very tough and generally don’t splinter, flex or crack. It is able withstand the elements better than the natural equivalent and can be put or left out in all weather conditions without fear of damage or fading. Oak furniture is the most resilient to the winter weather and therefore requires the least maintenance.

To clean a garden parasol, open it, lean one side on to the ground and clean it with a gentle soap, cold water and stiff brushes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water from a hose.
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