Garden Steamers

Lying out on a comfortable garden steamer is the perfect way to relax in your garden or sunbath in peace and quiet. Garden steamers are ideally made of a hardwood, such as teak, as they are often left outdoors in the rain but also in the hot sun. Most of them are made with a slatted wood design; the idea of this is to prevent water from accumulating on the wood and causing rot. This said however to ensure a high comfort level it is always best to purchase a proper thick steamer cushion. Not every garden steamer automatically comes armed with a cushion and be aware that the cushions do not automatically fit every steamer chair, so do check out what the dimensions are of your chair before you buy your cushion. If you intend to move your steamer around your property, say from decking to pool, or into the shade, then getting one with wheels makes moving it around is a lot easier.

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