Garden Workshops

Garden workshops can create valuable extra working space if you have room in your garden or indeed any outside area. The additional workspace that comes with a workshop means you can pursue a hobby, indulge in lots of do-it-yourself projects or even run a home business. Whether you want to follow projects for home use or for cash generating skills you are always going to need a safe, weatherproof and comfortable place to work. So where better than a purpose chosen workshop, strategically placed?

Most workshops are made from timber which is either treated or painted, although you can purchase a metal workshop but somehow these don’t seem so cosy or appropriate in a pretty garden. When planning to buy a wooden workshop always buy the best quality timber you can afford as it will then last for years and bear in mind that insulation and double glazing is sometimes needed in timber workshops for extra warmth during the winter months.

The majority of workshops are normally rectangular in shape but you will find that there is a huge variation in available sizes which means you can select exactly what you need, depending on the space you have available. Also many are designed for erection onto a concrete base or special brick plinths, but a lot can be supplied with wooden floors if necessary. Finally, when deciding on the width of your garden workshop, be sure to allow for shelving and possible internal divisions.

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