Log Cabins

Almost everyone associates log cabins with the Wild West, or the early American settlers, but nowadays these modern comfortable garden buildings are of immense value for providing extra space. The value from a log cabin can come in many different guises including playrooms for children, extra outside dining space and probably most popular of all as the ideal spacious garden office. This is mainly because it is highly attractive to the eye, blends in well with its surroundings, is very cosy, is available in almost any practical size, can be insulated for warmth, is durable enough to run electricity and telephone lines to for working purposes. Log cabins are also a much more affordable alternative to more traditional brick and mortar buildings and in addition are relatively easy to obtain planning permission for; that is on most properties but it is always best to check.

Compare Prices On These Log Cabins

These useful wooden buildings can be purchased in many different shapes and in lots of sizes from small log cabins, not much bigger than a potting shed, to really large log cabins that are as big as an average home, the latter may be turned into temporary guest accommodation from time to time. They also come in many different styles, some even with their own veranda, and are perfect for anyone who loves wood and desires somewhere to expand that has a natural appearance indicative of the countryside and dense woodland. They are environmentally friendly, of course, as the main component is a renewable if natural resource and they need little upkeep, just an annual coat of wood protector and sealer; before the winter weather begins to set in.
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