Metal & Rattan Love & Companion Seats

Metal or rattan love seats are relatively inexpensive and a great way to enhance your garden and having somewhere to sit intimately with a close friend or loved one. Sitting on a metal love seat in a tranquil and lovely place, surrounded by bird song and the scent of flowers, is the ideal way to share innermost thoughts or that special bottle of wine you have been saving.

A metal love seat needs very little maintenance as it is not greatly affected by driving rain or even strong sunshine. Mostly the maintenance consists of a weekly wipe down to remove dirt and bird droppings or the odd bit of repainting to keep the seat looking smart. Rattan companion or tete a tete seats are also very easy to look after as well as being very stylish; especially in a contemporary outdoor living space. They come in a number of exciting styles and a variety of muted colours from black to beige or grey and are extremely comfortable to relax in during the day or long summer evenings.

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