Metal & Rattan Swing Seats & Hammocks

Metal or rattan swing seats, or swinging metal and rattan hammocks, are very popular with all sorts of age groups as they offer the perfect way to relax in the garden. On this very comfortable type of outdoor seat you can gently swing back and forth on a padded cushion while protected from the sun’s rays or light rain by a weather proof canopy. Inviting and charming these timeless pieces of garden furniture are also ideal for entertaining guests in an informal way; for what could be better than gently rocking backwards and forwards on a comfortable metal or rattan swing seat while sipping a pre-dinner Pimms with close friends on a lazy summer evening, savouring the heady scent of roses and honeysuckle. There are many styles and colours available in our range of swing seats made from metal, which can accommodate two or three people depending on the size you purchase. They all tend to have a canopy type roof and comfy inviting cushions to snuggle down on so that you can have a doze in the peace of your garden. You will never regret buying a garden hammock. Where else could you find the perfect solution for relaxing, having a snooze or chilling out almost anywhere outside; in fact what could be a better way to throw off the all the stresses and strains of everyday life than by chucking off your shoes and curling up in a comfortable hammock? These timeless garden features come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours and prices.

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