If you are struggling to buy someone special a really nice present what you may not realise is that in many cases a garden seat is the ideal gift. This is because it looks substantial, even though it may not be that expensive, it appears as if some thought went into the gesture and for anyone with even the smallest outside sitting area it would be very welcome and appreciated.

Garden seats come is so many shapes and styles that you are spoilt for choice, only being governed by your budget and the amount of room available to house a beautiful seat for the garden. This said, it may be unwise to give something like a large Lutyens bench as a surprise since the area that you think it would look great may already be earmarked for a different type of outdoor indulgence such as a gazebo or a BBQ. When planning to give the gift of a garden seat it is probably best to announce it to the recipients and check out what type and size would delight them the most.

Once you are certain that your gift would be very welcome you need to surf the internet to get a good feel for what’s on offer, whether any of the merchants you are interested in can deliver to a specific address on a given day and whether the item selected will be available well in time for you to make your generous gesture. All of this information should be clearly shown on the retailer’s website; if you have any doubts about their reliability you can always Google the company name and see if they have had any bad press in the past. The last thing you need when sending someone such an unusual gift is to find out that it never arrived!

There is no doubt about it that a garden seat will give a great deal of pleasure for years to come and when lots of the other presents that were given at the same time as yours are broken, eaten, given away or just lost your special gift will always be there as permanent reminder of joyful times. What other gift encourages peaceful pleasure in the garden or provides a comfortable haven to sit and listen to bird song while savouring the ambrosial scent of roses, sweet peas, honeysuckle, jasmine and other flowers on a summer’s evening?