About This Blog

Town & Country Gardener is the blog for Garden Seat and specifically aimed at keen gardeners and amateur gardeners alike.  It is designed to cover all aspects of urban and rural gardening, throughout varying times of the year. We cover plants, planting and plant care as well as garden styles and design, outdoor living features and furniture, buildings for the garden, water gardens and ponds, wild gardening, self sufficiency, those garden problems and pests and famous gardens that we consider well worth a visit, for inspiration.

Whether you garden in a town environment or deep in the heart of the country, you’ll find a wealth of practical help and information, as well as new ideas for your own garden. Not only is there plenty of down to earth advice on the ups and downs of creating your dream garden, you can in addition pick up everyday facts about keeping livestock in your garden, producing your own fresh fruit and vegetables and the real truth about proper hands-on, everyday gardening.

The section called ‘Gardening Talk’ is written by our editor Anne Hawkyard, a keen and experienced gardener living in Devon. Anne is a country lady who believes in working closely with the seasons and gardening as near as possible to be in harmony with the environment you are given, to create the best possible garden you can.

Town & Country Gardener is written by a small team of knowledgeable and passionate garden lovers who have all got their hands well and truly dirty in pursuit of the perfect garden. We are always happy to consider guest writers, especially if they have a specialist area. If you would like to write either a one-off piece, or a series of articles please get in touch with us via email. We would be very happy to talk to you.

Please note that while we think comments are terrific on many blogs we have made the decision to switch our comments section off, simply because we want to put our energy into creating a useful site to help you get the most from your garden. Sadly there are people on the internet who will routinely spam a comments box or are abusive simply to draw attention to themselves. We just can’t spare the hours required for moderating comments since we feel that the time is better spent improving our site on a daily basis. However we are always pleased to hear from you and blog about any of your gardening problems.