Garden hammocks are a great way to relax in any outdoor space. Putting a hammock in your garden immediately creates somewhere to tuck yourself away from the outside world and simply enjoy the pleasures of reading, listening to music, enjoying the birdsong or sleeping a hot afternoon away. There are many styles and colours of hammocks from the basic cotton traditional type slung between two convenient trees to the real luxury freestanding models that are fixed to strong hardwood stands.

Be sure to buy a hammock that is tough enough to withstand the elements and do remember that even though they are designed to be used outside, garden hammocks should not be left out indefinitely in heavy rain and other bad weather conditions which can induce mildew and even rot if constantly wet.

Also they can be affected by UV rays from the sun which will eventually age fabrics and fade bright colours. Cotton, although aesthetically pleasing, is especially susceptible to fading as well as decay, while polyester tends to have a longer lifespan.

 Be aware however that mould can still grow on man-made fabrics and they should be wiped off on a regular basis. On a safety level you should always make sure your hammock stand and hanging supports are in good order and not rotted or frayed in any way, this is to protect you from any unfortunate accidents.