Building a garden pond to attract wildlife is not as difficult as it may seem. These days there are so many choices and a plethora of modern materials to ensure that you can build a pond to be proud of. Be sure to spend time considering the size of the pond, as well as the shape and construction method. Ponds should on the whole be designed with simple shapes and flowing curves to allow good water circulation.

Very often a pond is built from concrete blocks, with a rendered surface and then finished in fibre glass. With this method you need to allow for the rounding off of corners in a rectangular pond and sloping of the pond base towards the bottom drains. Of course this is the most expensive way of building a garden pond but does give excellent results. You will also need to make sure the type of final gel coat used with the fibre glass is completely cured.

This is so that does not leach chemicals into the water with disastrous consequences for your fish. A more common alternative, which is much cheaper, is to purchase a preformed pond or to use a good quality pond liner. To work out the size of liner you need, measure the longest distance across the pond and add twice the maximum depth to obtain the length. Then measure across the widest point and add twice the maximum depth to obtain the width. Next add a foot (30cm) to each measurement to allow for an overlap. So for a pond of 8 feet x 6 feet x 4 feet deep the liner would need to be 8 + (2 x 4) + 1 = 17 feet long and 6 + (2 x 4) + 1 = 15 feet wide.

When fitting the liner, do take care to pleat and fold the corners carefully,  this simple act cuts down the risk of debris becoming trapped. The corners can be fixed down flat with special mastic tape to give a good finish. Then hey presto all you need is water and you have the beginnings of your garden pond.