Q – I have decided to breed rabbits in my garden to make some extra money, can you tell me anything about rabbit hutches and what I would need?

A – A proper rabbit hutch is of course the perfect way to keep rabbits in a clean, dry and safe environment, epecially if you are looking to keep your rabbits outside rather than in a small cage in the house. A rabbit hutch is normally made of treated wood with a wire front or door and a sturdy felt roof to keep out the cold and damp. Always choose a hutch that allows plenty of space when a baby bunny grows up or if you decide to get him a friend. It is often a good idea to buy a run to fit onto your rabbit hutch, or a you could purchase an all-in-one hutch and run, to make sure that your pets have lots of fresh grass during the summer months. Take a look at all our different bunny houses which vary a lot in design and size and include anything from single rabbit hutches and triangular hutches to hutches with under runs. All of these are also suitable for guinea pigs but do be wary of putting guinea pigs and rabbits in the same hutch as the former can get injured.