Conservatory furniture can make or mar your conservatory so when you choose it bear in mind that it should be comfortable and reflect your personality and lifestyle, after all you are trying to create a peaceful haven away from pressure and work. Before you buy though, you should consider a few important points. First of… read more > >

Before you set out to buy a conservatory make yourself a checklist and a plan. This will be a major structure that you are adding to your home so it is vital that you get it right before you even contact a supplier or builder. There are important considerations to take into account that should… read more > >

You are all fired up and ready to build a beautiful conservatory and then some interfering neighbour tells you that you will almost certainly need planning permission for a conservatory. This fortunately is not necessarily true since under new regulations that came into being from 1 October 2008 you probably won’t now need planning permission… read more > >

Why choose to buy or build a conservatory? Why not just have a large greenhouse, especially if you want to grow lots of plants? The answer is that not only does conservatory look more elegant and give you somewhere sheltered to sit and admire the garden. It also requires less heating than a greenhouse as will generally absorb and retain… read more > >