If you run a few sheep to keep the grass down in your orchard or a rough wildlife area of your garden, there may come a time when you want to have a go at making your own yarn ready for weaving or knitting. There is nothing quite like the thrill of producing cloth, blankets or… read more > >

Instant impact seems to be the trend in gardening today. Fuelled both by the spate of DIY gardening television programmes and by our consumerist hunger to have it all now, those of us visiting garden centres are noticing more and more large specimen trees and shrubs being precariously wheeled towards the checkouts. Specimen plants have… read more > >

There is an assumption that designing a coastal garden must be a wonderful thing to do. After all you just need a few plants that look and smell wonderful on a summer’s day and the rest is taken care of by those magnificent views looking out to sea. Sadly it is not quite as easy… read more > >

Let’s be honest any roof, or high rise balcony, is never going to be the ideal place for a garden; they are frequently hit by high winds and they are usually either very hot or very cold. Nevertheless they are often the only space available for city dwellers and there have been some very famous… read more > >

Is it a good idea to introduce Feng Schui to your garden? What is all the fuss about?  Does it work?  Probably yes if it creates a deep sense of peace and harmony in your outdoor haven. But no it doesn’t mean that you need to dig up your herbaceous borders, turn your lawn into a… read more > >

Most people inherit the lawn that was originally in their garden and often it takes the form of an old or neglected patch of grass; therefore the chance of designing a completely new lawn, if you are in this situation, is something that must you seize with both hands if you have just invested in… read more > >

Truly informal gardens call for an absence of obviously man-made structures and modern materials. If there is a real need for structures they should be built from natural wood or local stone and any garden furniture placed in an informal garden should blend in and become much  more of an unobtrusive comfortable convenience than a… read more > >

An arbour is one of the most beautiful freestanding features you can add to your outdoor area. Garden arbours often consist of two trellised and a lattice roof or they can be made as a more closed in feature with solid sides and a weatherproof roof and, whether in plain wood, painted or wrought metal,… read more > >

A formal pool in the garden usually means a strictly geometric shaped pool, water container or channel. Sharply defined detail of edging and even steps which might run through such elements is imperative in formal ponds. Edgings should normally overhang the water by at least 50mm so that any variance in the water’s height due… read more > >

Designing your own herb garden for everyday use can be an excellent and very fulfilling way of enhancing your culinary skills, improving your health and adding a fragrant and interesting dimension to your country garden. Try to place your herb garden near to the kitchen door or in an easy access all weather area. Select a site… read more > >