It is important to choose pond side seats carefully simply because one of the most relaxing places to be in a garden is by the side of a pond. Whether you are looking at a small garden pond with a trickling fountain or a larger stretch of water that is more akin to a small… read more > >

Summer’s arrived, the garden looks glorious and so here are the top ten reasons to buy a garden seat. Perhaps you already have one but you are toying with the idea of buying another or, perhaps you have always wanted one but can’t quite justify the expense. Don’t dither, just read ten good reasons why… read more > >

If you want to make a focal point to remember in your garden why not put up an arbour and simply smother it in old climbing roses. It can have even more impact if it is seen at the end of a long vista or across a wide lawn. A garden arbour where you can… read more > >

Sitting in a deck chair in the sun, eating an ice cream while listening to the sound of children playing and strong waves rolling towards a sandy cove is a typical ‘postcard’ depiction of the British on holiday in this country. Somehow without hundreds of deck chairs sprawled all along the sea front, or on… read more > >

Choosing a garden seat for an Elizabethan style knot garden is something that really needs thinking about as there are several different considerations. A knot garden is a fairly small area that is created in one or a series of rectangular shaped beds all traditionally edged with box, which is trained and tightly clipped into… read more > >

On a beautiful summer’s day how many of us would rather be lying on a sun lounger than working in the office? “If only I could work outside and not miss all this lovely sunshine.” we think. Well perhaps there is a way that some lucky people can actually do just that. Because of the… read more > >

If you are struggling to buy someone special a really nice present what you may not realise is that in many cases a garden seat is the ideal gift. This is because it looks substantial, even though it may not be that expensive, it appears as if some thought went into the gesture and for… read more > >

So how could a garden love seat possibly be good for your health? A valid question but you will like the answer. A love seat, often known as a companion seat or even a duo seat, is designed for two people to sit closely together and share the beauty of the garden, as well as… read more > >

Choosing a garden swing seat to suit all family members, as well as your outside living space, is something that must not be decided on lightly. There are many considerations to be taken into account since this piece of outdoor furniture is possibly going to be a centerpiece for your garden and precious relaxation periods.… read more > >

Adding a beautiful garden table and chairs set to your outdoor space is without doubt one of the best ways to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining experience, in your own private space. However there are so many different types of materials available for outdoor living furniture that is can be confusing deciding which one to… read more > >

A traditional seat for a tree whether it a wooden or metal tree seat is the perfect addition for almost any garden that sports a tree large enough to hold it. This is because plain and simply this kind of unique garden seating enhances a tree, while offering a shady place to sit and enjoy… read more > >

Chances are that when you sit in your garden on a comfortable garden bench you have gone outside to relax, shell peas, read a book or watch visiting birds. Plant and flower scents that drift towards you on the air will be most welcome and an added bonus. So why not make sure that everything… read more > >

If you have a small town garden where every square in counts it is vital to get your sitting area right; this said you may like to know that a metal garden bench is the perfect solution. Why? Simply because something like an elegant two seat metal bench is not as heavy looking as a… read more > >

It is always great to be able to take regular quality time relaxing in your garden on some stylish yet comfortable furniture. The perfect choice, especially for a large family is a rattan garden furniture set since it is not only a very durable material, which is essential for our unpredictable climate, but also it… read more > >

If you are after a source of colour and amusement in your garden, then you should think about placing a comfortable seat, or even an arbour, somewhere well camouflaged and then set out to attract wild birds. Sitting in the open air watching an array of blues greens and olives punctuated with flashes of yellow… read more > >

Finding the perfect garden seat for your garden is not always as easy as it seems, especially when you bear in mind that a garden seat is a very important feature in almost every garden. It not only adds to the beauty of a garden but it can, in addition, be a tucked away haven… read more > >

A few years ago for most people wooden garden furniture was the only acceptable material. Nowadays of course this is no longer true as there are so many more modern options. However for many outdoor living lovers wooden garden furniture is still their favourite option. This is possibly because it has a number of advantages… read more > >

Garden hammocks are a great way to relax in any outdoor space. Putting a hammock in your garden immediately creates somewhere to tuck yourself away from the outside world and simply enjoy the pleasures of reading, listening to music, enjoying the birdsong or sleeping a hot afternoon away. There are many styles and colours of… read more > >

Putting an unusual garden bench in a prominent position in your garden can quite literally change the shape and feel of it, or certainly enhance what is already there. Very often in spite of a plethora of expensive plants, or a well manicured lawn, an outdoor space can look uninspired or even dreary – it… read more > >