Q – Is it possible to keep a pig in my back garden? I have the room but am worried about regulations and what the neighbours might say. A – There is no reason why you souldn’t keep a pig in your garden provided you are sensible in your approach. Keeping a pig could be… read more > >

Q – I need a garden parasol to keep away from the sun in hot weather but know nothing about them, what should I buy? A – A parasol is certainly a huge bonus for your garden, especially in hot weather when you need some shade. It can usually be slotted into a garden table… read more > >

Q – I wondered if growing and eating my own organic food such as salads, root vegetables and of course fruit would be good for my overall health? A- This is rather a long answer but one, we hope, that will inspire you to grow as much organic food as possible. There is no doubt… read more > >

Q – Why does my wooden garden table have F.S.C. on it? A – F.S.C. stands for Forestry Stewardship Council and it means that the wood a seat or table is made from has been approved by a body that oversees the wood resources of countries worldwide and issues certificates for wood that is from… read more > >

Q – How can I get rid of the rabbits in my garden that are digging holes and eating all my best plants and vegetables? A – Rabbits are making a bit of a comeback of late and unfortunately they can do untold damage, even overnight. The first thing to do is to try and… read more > >

Q – My lawn has far too much moss but I can’t seem to get rid of it, what can I do? A – Moss in a lawn is something that every gardener will have to face and get rid of at some time for to ignore it is putting their grass at risk of… read more > >

Q  – I want to make my own homemade sloe gin but I am not sure what the fruit is like, where to find it and how to go about making the gin – can you help me please? A – In early autumn when country hedges yield their bounty you will spot lots of… read more > >

Q – A few years ago I bought a Brown Turkey fig tree and planted it in my greenhouse border. The tree has grown so big it has nearly taken over one end of the greenhouse. The tree looks really healthy but has produced virtually no figs at all. I have fed it well and… read more > >

Q – I am worried about strong wind blowing over my new garden furniture, how can I stop this from happening? A – If you have a group of garden chairs, around a garden table, outside in gale force weather they will inevitably not only blow over but may even blow round your garden and… read more > >

Q – I am proud of my beautiful garden and don’t want to spoil the look of it but I need to create a play area for my grandchildren where they are safe and happy. The garden is large enough to give an area over for the children but I don’t really want large toys… read more > >

Q – I have a large tree in my garden that I can’t remove but creates a lot of shade and has poor poor dry soil around it so what shrubs can I grow underneath it that will survive? A – There are certainly shrubs that fill the bill, especially if you can make the… read more > >

Q – I want to use natural reeding as a screen in my garden but have heard that it has a short lifespan. How long does it normally last? A – Natural reed screening will never last as long as proper fence panels and should only be viewed as a temporary screen or wind break.… read more > >

Q – I want to start my own aparagus bed like my grandfather had but the plants are expensive, can I grow good quality asparagus from seed? A – You can certainly grow good asparagus from seeds but you will not be able to get the real benefit of your asparagus bed for three to… read more > >

Q – I have just purchased an expensive wooden swing seat, can you please tell me how to protect it from the winter weather? A – Any swing seat that is made from wood should certainly never be left out or unprotected in the elements during the worst months of the year. The best option… read more > >

Q – I am planning to install a water feature in my garden what do you consider to be the main installation requirements that I would need to consider before going ahead. A – Whatever style of water feature you choose the basic requirement, whether moving or still, is that there must be a reliable… read more > >

Q – Someone told me that penstemons are very attractive plants to grow in a border, is that true? A – Penstemons are a rather flamboyant member of the snapdragon family.  With their elegant spires of foxglove-like flowers in a range of beautiful reds, pinks, purples, blues and whites, they are ideal for adding colour… read more > >

Q – I want to put some plants that will flower in winter at the base of a garden statue what do you suggest to make an impact and cheer me up during the winter months? A – Of all the flowers of winter to plant at the base of a garden statue Iris Unguicularis… read more > >

Q – I plan to splash out on a summerhouse this year to enjoy my garden more but i’m not quite sure where would be the best place to put it, any suggestions? A – Because of its generally solid appearance a summerhouse needs to be positioned carefully particularly where space is at a premium,… read more > >

Q – Should I buy plants online and if so what should I watch out for? A – Buying plants online is a great way to start filling up those empty corners in your garden and can have some definite advantages over purchasing plants for the garden from those run of the mill plant nurseries.… read more > >

Q – Should I oil my garden bench which is now a nice shade of grey? A – Oiling garden furniture gives it a protective coating but remember it will turn the wood brown again.  Teak can be left some  time if you really like the greyer colour but wood of less superior quality will… read more > >

Q – I want to learn to be a garden designer, where would you recommend I go for a garden design course? A – There are many different garden design schools but these are the ones we know about personally and would be happy to recommend as they are all of an equally high standard.… read more > >

Q – I want to grow a lot of my own produce so is it worth getting  a polytunnel or some cloches? A – Good quality cloches and long polytunnels stuffed with early produce are simply great, you can grow tons of early vegetables, soft fruit and winter salads under cloches and even more in… read more > >

Q – I am worried about leaving garden cushions outside all the time – are they waterproof enough? A – Some of the better quality outdoor cushions are made using water resistant acrylic, so they may be left out during a light shower or even overnight in the damp night air but none are completely… read more > >

Q – I have a large garden with huge lawns would it be worthwhile investing in a lawn tractor? A – Maintaining a large property with a lot of lawn space is immediately made easier if you invest in a lawn or garden tractor. These neat, easy-to-drive tractors are ideal for so many outside tasks… read more > >

Q – I have been told that raised beds are very good for growing crops and even flowers, what can you tell me about them? A – Raised beds for growing your own fresh food can be a very useful addition to your garden or even a tiny outdoor space such as a backyard or… read more > >

Q – Where can I go that is open to the public to see lots of different types of camellias growing? A – If you can make the journey, one of the best places are the outstanding gardens at Trewithen in Cornwall. They have recently been awarded the honour of becoming an International Camellia Garden… read more > >

Q – How do I choose the right garden designer for my garden? A – Once you have decided that you could with some help sorting out your garden the next big step involves choosing a garden designer. This can be more difficult than you envisage as since just as gardens come in all sorts… read more > >

Q – I have decided to breed rabbits in my garden to make some extra money, can you tell me anything about rabbit hutches and what I would need? A – A proper rabbit hutch is of course the perfect way to keep rabbits in a clean, dry and safe environment, epecially if you are… read more > >

Q – Which is the best type of wooden furniture to buy for my garden, is hardwood garden furniture better than softwood garden furniture? A – Certainly hardwood garden items will be more durable, but you may prefer furniture that is less heavy. Softwood is much lighter and therefore a lot easier to shift around… read more > >

Q – Can you suggest a striking narrow tree to grow next to a prominent seat in my garden? A – Lots of people like the idea of an attractive tree planted next to their garden bench or swing seat but don’t want to be sitting under a shady canopy. One of the best types… read more > >