Q – Is it a good idea to use a summerhouse to store garden furniture in winter? A – Summerhouses  not only provide extra living space in the better weather but they are also double up as a great storage option, especially in the winter months when you probably wouldn’t be using your summer house. … read more > >

Q – I really fancy keeping free range chickens in the garden but I am a little concerned that they damage my metal garden furniture, especially if they perch on it, or am I worrying over nothing? A – There is no doubt that home produced eggs taste so much better than supermarket eggs and… read more > >

Q – I have a small wooded area in my garden, what sort of natural seating is ideal for a small family? A – Without a doubt a picnic bench which includes its own table. Then you could sit and savour the natural sights and sounds of your woodland while drinking a cup of coffee… read more > >

Q – Last year I planted about two dozen beautiful red tulip bulbs in a flower border but not a single one came up in the spring. I didn’t plant them too deep and anyway when I dug the ground over there wasn’t even a single rotting tulip left so what an earth did I… read more > >

Q – Every winter I seem to have a problem with my clay pots cracking and even breaking up when the weather starts to freeze, how can I stop this happening again? A – Garden pots often crack in freezing conditions because any moisture in the soil expands when frozen and puts pressure on the… read more > >

Q – I don’t want to buy a tree just for the Christmas period, do you know where I can rent one to make my patio look festive? A – Real Trees in Dorset hire out living potted Christmas trees for the festive season. They will deliver in in time for the holiday period and… read more > >

Q – I have heard that there is a special scheme which allows you to visit other people’s gardens. Do you know what it is called. A – It is called The National Gardens Scheme and there is no doubt that sitting in someone else’s garden is a constant source of inspiration and pleasure for… read more > >

Q – What is the best sized rattan garden dining set to buy if you want to do lots of outdoor entertaining? A – This largely depends on the amount of room you have in your garden. While an eight or ten seat outdoor dining set would be magnificent and allow you to hold large… read more > >