How do I site a greenhouse correctly is a question that many people consider when first deciding to splash out on this very useful type of garden building. This said choosing the best place for your greenhouse need not be that difficult, even if you have a small garden. So long as certain guidelines are followed you should… read more > >

Most keen gardeners have heard of companion planting but not all of them fully understand the principles behind it. There is however no great mystery; companion planting is simply a natural method of cultivation which involves grouping plants together in a beneficial way. It is a mixed growing method that provides greater biodiversity which in… read more > >

In early autumn everywhere you look on the moors and in country gardens rowan trees, otherwise known as mountain ash, are simply dripping with berries. In fact there is often a positive glut of these bright red fruits so that the birds can happily gorge themselves. Sometimes however too many berries are often a sign of an impending bad winter. Country… read more > >

Believe it or not setting up wind power in a windy garden can be quite lucrative. This is because all electricity produced by a registered wind turbine is classed as green energy and, whether you use this electricity for your own home or pass it on to the utility company, it will make a few… read more > >

Don’t forget about your plants when you go away for a much needed summer break.  You will probably remember to cancel the post and the milk, switch on the alarm, defrost the fridge and prime the neighbours to keep an eye out for you. Ironically while you are away your garden can also be basking… read more > >

How to get rid of slugs? This is a question all gardeners must ask themselves at some time or another. Slugs rank amongst the most frustrating and destructive of all garden pests and if there is a lot of rain, slugs are particularly prolific.  Slugs are a particular threat to young and low-growing plants as… read more > >

Those of us who are animal lovers have the difficult task of striking a precarious balance to ensure that animals – both pets and wildlife – live harmoniously with the plants and trees in our gardens. Many animal lovers can nevertheless feel utter despair at the havoc created by the very wild animals that we enjoy attracting… read more > >

Gardening brings so much pleasure to so many people, but the trouble is, it takes time and a fair bit of patience. The majority of us lead such frantic lives cramming so much in to our days that by the time we have a few moments to contemplate our garden, it is either dark or… read more > >

If you have a shady patch in your garden or simply wish to create a cool and tranquil corner, consider planting Hostas. Also known as plantain lilies, these are some of the easiest, most care-free but decorative plants to grow.  They spread out beautifully but remain fairly close to the ground, meandering along paths to… read more > >

Finding space outside for a garden office is something you may want to seriously consider if you are one of the many people who are now starting a new style of life where you have decided to work from home. Alternatively you may want to study or follow an online course, which is going to… read more > >

With the reccession gaining momentum sadly garden thieves are here to stay and have joined the long list of garden pests. Many of us spend large sums of money on equipment, furniture and plants for our gardens.  Combine the money spent with the many hours of hard work and the pride we take in our “outside rooms”,… read more > >

It may dishearten you to know that it impossible to escape the beady eye of the law even in your own garden. In fact your garden is a veritable haven for legal eagles. Boundaries, weeds, light, neighbours, trees and chemicals and Leylandii trees all have copious statutes and case law relating to them. So where do… read more > >

Once upon a time a private water supply in the garden was considered to be a valuable asset, especially given the vast sums charged by the various water boards for poor quality, over-chlorinated, oestrogen saturated tap water. Now it seems that having your own water from a spring, well or bore hole on your land may… read more > >