No matter how small your garden, or outdoor living space, you should always find some room for plants to attract butterflies, for there is nothing more evocative of an English summer than the sight of a beautiful butterfly flitting from flower to flower on a warm sunny day. Every gardener needs to create a wild… read more > >

Placing a garden seat, or seats, in woodland area of your garden can create a beautiful sanctuary where you can sit quietly listening to birdsong or watching squirrels scampering up the trees. This said, it is important that you choose the right style of seat and put it in exactly the right place to blend… read more > >

Building a garden pond to attract wildlife is not as difficult as it may seem. These days there are so many choices and a plethora of modern materials to ensure that you can build a pond to be proud of. Be sure to spend time considering the size of the pond, as well as the… read more > >

Feeding wild birds and other wildlife, especially during the winter months is a national pastime that appeals to all age groups and to people from all walks of life. Once you have established yourself as a regular source of food you will find that many kinds of beautiful birds and even rare shy mammals start… read more > >