Choosing a garden seat for an Elizabethan style knot garden is something that really needs thinking about as there are several different considerations. A knot garden is a fairly small area that is created in one or a series of rectangular shaped beds all traditionally edged with box, which is trained and tightly clipped into elaborate patterns. It is these very patterns that can dictate the shape and size of the garden seat that you choose to complement your symbolic garden.

The knot garden first appeared in England at the end of the 15th century and held a variety of plantings from herbs and lavender to bright coloured flowers. This innovative style of garden showed a definite pattern when viewed from upstairs windows as a particular type of showcase garden, displaying the owner’s wealth and power for all to see and quite probably envy.

Modern versions of this kind of design should adhere as much as possible to original layouts and patterns that are particularly abstract or geometric need to be complemented by a garden seat that reflects the history of what an historic Tudor period knot garden fully represents.

Something like the ‘true lovers knot’ at Barnsley House in Gloucestershire (which was replicated from a book by the late Rosemary Verey) is created from tiny clipped hedges with the spaces in between filled with gravel.

For something so simple often a plain white painted wooden bench will be ideal as a contrast, so long as it is not too heavy or over-ornate so that detracts from the intricacy of the knot and its planting.

More elaborate knot gardens are usually formed to contain densely planted groups of pansies, Sweet William, lavender, summer plants or even a series of old fashioned roses trained over hazel hoops to form sweet scented ‘sculptures’ encased by regiments of box or other tiny evergreens. It is these highly floral interpretations that require a more delicate, almost whimsical, bench to be able sit on and enjoy the sheer extravagance of it all. A good choice that fits the bill would be the Old Rectory Garden Love Seat (see picture above) which is a timeless piece of outdoor furniture that will never date or seem out of place in a true English knot garden.