Choosing a garden swing seat to suit all family members, as well as your outside living space, is something that must not be decided on lightly. There are many considerations to be taken into account since this piece of outdoor furniture is possibly going to be a centerpiece for your garden and precious relaxation periods.

Many people opt for a swing seat as the main focus for getting away from life’s irritations and problems since there is something very soothing about swinging snuggled onto a comfy cushion under a weather proof canopy sipping a glass of wine of spirited away by the pages of a gripping novel. These timeless seats which were an essential part of every conservatory at the beginning of the last century are self supporting, free-standing structures, normally away from strong winds and heavy people traffic. While there are different styles, sizes and colours ranges available there are fundamentally two main types.

These are wooden swing seats and, the more often cheaper, metal swing seats; the latter sometimes having the main seat and sides made from rattan, wicker or other fibers.

Probably the most stylish though are wooden swing seats which are a romantic addition to any garden, large or small, and are suitable for up to three adults, depending on the size chosen. They come in variety of natural wood from teak and oak to pine and painted softwood. More unusual designs include Mondo single or double seat swings and arbour swing seats which are ideal for growing climbing plants and scented roses or the addition of beautiful hanging baskets.