If you want to make a focal point to remember in your garden why not put up an arbour and simply smother it in old climbing roses. It can have even more impact if it is seen at the end of a long vista or across a wide lawn. A garden arbour where you can sit and simply enjoy the fruits of your labour is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space that is created and lovingly planted with peace and harmony in mind.

Choose your roses very carefully if you do decide to do this as some varieties of ramblers, for example, can become huge and very woody; which means you would be forever pruning or fighting huge thorny stems. If you have a sheltered spot something a stunning as the Banksiae Lutea rose, with its tiny yellow double blooms, is quite unforgettable or the highly scented Cecile Brunner which is covered in clear pink blooms that are each shaped like miniature hybrid tea roses. The choice is endless; limited only by imagination.

If you opt to go for this lovely idea do make sure that all the roses are securely fixed to your arbour, with strong wire, so that they won’t blow down in high winds and also be sure never to plant roses up a newly ceasoted structure as fresh fumes may well kill them; it is best to wait at least a month and few heavy showers before training any plants up your new arbour.