Most people inherit the lawn that was originally in their garden and often it takes the form of an old or neglected patch of grass; therefore the chance of designing a completely new lawn, if you are in this situation, is something that must you seize with both hands if you have just invested in some smart new outdoor furniture such as a beautiful three seater wooden bench.

The way you plan to use your new lawn will of course have a major influence on its layout and design as well as the type of grass you want to grow. Whatever you decide to do remember there are some things which always need to be borne in mind and working things out before you start can certainly save a lot of valuable time in the future.

The shape of your new lawn is an individual preference, although it may be governed by the shape of your garden or even the size and shape of any existing or future garden furniture.

In real terms, however, so long as you bear a few important considerations in mind, such as ease of access for machinery and a sensible mowing pattern, you can be largely free to create whatever shape of lawn you wish.

Typically, the traditional garden lawn is usually a square or rectangular piece of grass, but these days many modern designs concentrate on more fluid curves, it’s important however not to overdo this effect, since tight curves and awkward corners make mowing tedious or even difficult.

The nature of the land can also influence on the shape of a lawn since there is no point in trying to grow grass in dense shade, or making a lawn on a really steep area where you won’t be able to put a large outdoor dining set, for example. Even with plenty of available cash a free-rein on the design, you still have to work within the constraints of the site. The main aim it to create an attractive overall shape that’s practical and easy to look after.

Remember also that good access to your new lawn is vital – you’ll need to be able to reach it easily either for relaxation or for mowing and maintenance; therefore it is well worth taking time to plan proper access carefully from the outset. One of the most common problems is that the path leads straight onto the lawn creating a high traffic area where the grass can take a terrific pounding from too many feet. Try to route paths along the edges of the lawn or set stepping stones into the grass.

Finally as mowing is the single most time-consuming activity required to keep your lawn in good condition, do make it as easy as possible. Avoid too many unnecessary obstacles such as bulbs and beds that have to be mown round and think carefully about the position of garden ornaments or specimen trees. Also make sure that you create a good edge to the lawn, so that there is no awkward grass to cut near a wall or fence.