An arbour is one of the most beautiful freestanding features you can add to your outdoor area. Garden arbours often consist of two trellised and a lattice roof or they can be made as a more closed in feature with solid sides and a weatherproof roof and, whether in plain wood, painted or wrought metal, they are a worthwhile investment that will never be regretted. Not always designed to provide shelter or shade, one of their prime reasons is to provide support for climbing plants such as roses and clematis.

Although their concept is really quite simple, the design of arbours vary quite considerably. With the aid of sensitive placement, specific design, material, colour and the right plants, an arbour can add unique interest to even the plainest garden. When buying a garden arbour be sure to check out and thoroughly measure the area of its intended placement. Arbours can serve many purposes, such as focal points within the garden, unusual garden entrances, a division for large outdoor spaces, a support for favourite roses or simply somewhere to sit with a good book and a welcome cup of tea.

For the latter reason it is always best to choose an arbour with an inbuilt comfortable seat and with an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. Indeed their placement may dictate the overall elements of design, such as offering a classical appeal to your rose garden or providing just the right touch for a formal knot garden.

Designs elements metal arbours, bench arbours, swing arbours and corner arbours all of which can include the arch or roof as well as the trellises and depending on personal preference can be simple or ornate, ranging from delicate to fairly substantial. Roofs can be flat, arched, gabled or beveled, while the trellises offer variations such as latticed ladder or even unique custom designs.

One important function of an arbour is to add dimension and height to your garden and through the use of trellises offer support for rambling and climbing plants and some sturdy, flat roof arbour designs will even allow you to suspend colourful hanging baskets. All of which creates added interest and pleasure to the many hours you spend in your garden.