In a cottage garden arches, which are not built into walls, are generally free standing constructions made from metal or wood, often heavily trellised to add more interest, are ideal for supporting all sorts of climbing plants. Some of the more popular arch planting combinations are roses, clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle, sweet peas, wisteria, laburnum and the rather unusual, but nevertheless stunning, golden hops. However some of these pieces of garden architecture are so attractive in their own right that they are simply left as a bare feature with a heavy and dramatic planting at the base to help accentuate their unique shape.

There is no doubt that, whether flat topped or rounded, an arch made from cast iron or pressure treated wood, with trellis sides, can completely change the mood in your garden. For one thing it can give the illusion of space and a sense of more to come since it will provide an effective barrier without impeding the view. A cottage style garden is one of the best situations to place an archway as it gives a air of timeless tranquility and an added sense of history.

This is especially so if it is groaning under the weight of a plethora of old fashioned climbers. This said though a series of arches framing a long brick or paved path, that leads to somewhere important, can look breathtaking in a formal setting, in particular when each one is simply smothered with scented climbing roses; particularly if the blooms are all in the same, or similar, tones of pink, yellow or mauve.