Putting an unusual garden bench in a prominent position in your garden can quite literally change the shape and feel of it, or certainly enhance what is already there. Very often in spite of a plethora of expensive plants, or a well manicured lawn, an outdoor space can look uninspired or even dreary – it seems to be crying out for something to pull it together or give it meaning.

This is where unusual garden benches come into their own as there are so many types to choose from that it is not difficult to find one to fit almost any situation or with any style of planting from cottage garden to formal lawns.

An attractive addition such as this is not only practical a place to sit but can give your garden a sense of permanency and even history. For example something like a bench made in part from an old cartwheel will bring echoes of the past into a country garden while a cast metal bench can bring a valid Victorian atmosphere to a  London terraced or town house garden.

In a nutshell then an unusual garden bench will complement almost any style or size of garden and is an ideal way to bring a sense of something unique to your outdoor living area while providing somewhere comfortable to sit.

It doesn’t really matter what bench you choose so long as blends well rather than overwhelms your entire garden. In other words it needs to be in keeping with the ambience of the style of planting, existing trees and shrubs, any water features and indeed the architecture of the house itself. With this in mind for instance never place a huge heavy teak bench in a tiny patio garden or a diminutive metal scroll bench where it will be hidden by long grass or dense overhanging branches. An unusual garden bench should always have pride of place and be properly visible but without being overwhelming, otherwise it loses its ethetic grace and, even worse, its illustrious purpose to create added beauty.