Q – How can I get rid of the rabbits in my garden that are digging holes and eating all my best plants and vegetables?

A – Rabbits are making a bit of a comeback of late and unfortunately they can do untold damage, even overnight. The first thing to do is to try and rabbit fence you garden, after making sure that there are no rabbits still in the garden. There is only one thing worse than a rabbit coming into your garden and that is one that can’t get out of your garden!

If you are unable to fence your garden then try to find the burrows and water some form of rabbit deterrent liquid around the entrances to encourage them to leave. Unpleasant items to add to water, or other liquid, that smell bad to rabbits can include garlic with chilli powder, eucalyptus oil, old fashioned moth balls, pungent herbs, creosote  and even human urine or a dead fox. Remember your aim is to make it as unpleasant for the rabbits as possible. You will always need to renew your efforts after heavy rain or snow. If you are totally desperate you can always employ the services of an expert but this can be expensive and rather final for the rabbits.