Q – How do I choose the right garden designer for my garden?

A – Once you have decided that you could with some help sorting out your garden the next big step involves choosing a garden designer. This can be more difficult than you envisage as since just as gardens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so in fact do garden designers and they also have differing personalities, portfolios of work and experience.

Before going ahead with a new project, be sure to ask as many questions as possible to ensure that you will be pleased with finished results and the design process itself is as painless as possible and indeed completely enjoyable.

Most designers have their own websites where they present their qualifications and examples of past work so the internet is a good place to start. Bear in mind that local designers will have a good working knowledge of the area including regional style, typical soil conditions and local suppliers and of course it is essential to check that your chosen designer has completed a proper bona fide garden design course.

Good garden designers can command the high fees and you may have to wait a while but newly qualified designers will be keener and possibly cheaper to employ but they may not have many photographs of completed projects. However you should be able to gauge an indication of style and quality of their work. Remember all designers have different ways of working and you will need to choose who is best for you.

A series of site visits are essential and ideally you and your designer should get on well together at all stages of the design as good communication is going to be the key that will lead to the ultimate creation of your dream garden.