Before you set out to buy a conservatory make yourself a checklist and a plan. This will be a major structure that you are adding to your home so it is vital that you get it right before you even contact a supplier or builder. There are important considerations to take into account that should be looked at carefully, before making any irrevocable decisions.

The first and possibly most important decision is the overall size you want your conservatory to be when completed.  Try to think exactly what will you use your new conservatory for, this will help you to pick the right size conservatory for your needs. Remember installers will usually discuss external dimensions with you therefore make sure you get the full picture on the internal measurements. If you are marking out the proposed conservatory, pace out or mark the dimensions, preferably inside your home to get an idea of the final space.

When considering price don’t automatically go for the cheapest option because you may find that for a bit more money you get a lot more conservatory. Compare different companies to make sure their prices are similar and ask the more expensive companies why their price is higher and what benefits their product has over their competitors.

Be aware of your timescale, things always take longer than you think they will. Check with each potential conservatory company when they can get started and how long it will take from start to finish to finish the job. For the record an efficient company or builder should take no more than three weeks, or even less.
So what are your roofing options? Basically polycarbonate or glass. Polycarbonate is certainly the less costly option and widely used, this said though in recent years high performing glass units used in the roof are becoming extremely popular. Glass cuts out most of the sound of the rain and is available with self cleaning and solar control properties. The colour most commonly used is blue however it is also available in green or clear.

Always read the small print especially the bit that tells you what guarantees each company gives with their conservatories. For example does the guarantee cover glass units or the roof? Are the moving parts and the base work under guarantee? If the answer is no perhaps you will need to look elsewhere for your new conservatory.

Do also find out what roofing system the company of your choice is proposing to use and what ventilation system, as both are very important. Also make sure that your new conservatory is designed with enough opening windows to allow for hot weather conditions.

Once again, before you buy a conservatory do your homework by visiting suppliers and looking at websites. It is vital that you make the right choice with regards to size, style and designs therefore this gives you the chance to see the quality of the product and the quality of each company’s set up. Have a list of questions that you want to ask each company so you don’t forget anything important during the quotation appointment. Always get at least three quotes from reputable companies and take notice of recommendations by family and friends.