How do I site a greenhouse correctly is a question that many people consider when first deciding to splash out on this very useful type of garden building. This said choosing the best place for your greenhouse need not be that difficult, even if you have a small garden. So long as certain guidelines are followed you should be able to grow lots of healthy plants and tasty vegetables with very little trouble.

Fortunately not all local authorities insist on planning permission but it is always wise to check first just in case the structure has to be sited a certain distance from your boundary fence. Do also bear in mind that a large lean-to greenhouse could result in an increase in rates.

Do avoid erecting a greenhouse on a north-facing slope or on ground that is heavily overshadowed by buildings or large trees. As well as creating dense shade trees will foul the glass and gutters with their leaves.

 They can also harbour pests and diseases which may affect the plants under glass. Greenfly in trees will secrete a sticky substance that can cause dirt and grime to collect on the glass and if a heavy branch blows down from an overhanging tree that could be the end of your greenhouse.

Of course if trees are growing some distance away they can be used as windbreaks. However it is unwise to put a greenhouse on a very exposed site where is could be damaged by high winds and keeping it heated could work out very expensive, compared to a sheltered environment. In addition watch out for frost pockets. If you build your greenhouse at the bottom of a slope your plants will make a slower start in spring.

Make sure that the land on which you build is well drained, this way you can grow things in the greenhouse border at any time of year without it being too sticky. Also bear in mind that it should be sited fairly near your house so that it is much easier to lay on water and electricity. Remember the nearer the greenhouse is to your back door the easier it is to get to in cold or wet weather. A gravel or slab path laid from door to door will help keep your feet clean and avoid you slipping over.

Finally if you want to crop exotic fruit such as peaches, nectarines, apricots, grapes and figs choose a south-west facing wall and build a lean-to greenhouse with a rich border to plant your fruit in but do make sure that any fig trees have their roots restricted or you  will end up with masses of foliage and not too many figs.