Q – I have a large garden with huge lawns would it be worthwhile investing in a lawn tractor?

A – Maintaining a large property with a lot of lawn space is immediately made easier if you invest in a lawn or garden tractor. These neat, easy-to-drive tractors are ideal for so many outside tasks from mowing lawns to carrying heavy loads. As well as maintaining your lawns, orchards and paddocks, many garden tractors are powerful enough to be used in conjunction with a whole range of tractor attachments from lawn rollers to trailers and lawn sweepers to garden sprayers, making them a truly all-season piece of garden equipment. Small lawn tractors are designed to be used for a garden with two to three acres and this machine is cheaper than a garden tractor.

However, its functionalities are also more limited compared to a heavy duty garden tractor, which is designed for estate work. The latter is a serious piece of garden or estate machinery. It has ergonomically designed controls and power steering and there is no doubt that this comparatively new technology is a great help to small farm and garden owners alike. This said though, the one thing that you must consider when buying is the area where it will be used. Will it be for cultivating or maintenance? If the area is less than an acre, a small tiller with 2-3HP is enough but if the area is more than 5 acres a large tiller with 15 to 20HP is a probably a better choice, especially if there is a lot of pulling involved.

If you need to mow only an acre or less area, you would only need a 42-inch garden tractor loader, but if you have a larger area like up to 2 acres or more, you would need a bigger deck like the 42 to 46 inch and 46 to 54 inch loaders respectively. You will also need to check the capacity of the engine since it follows that a stronger engine will be required to mow steep slopes and difficult terrains while on the other hand level areas won’t need as much power. With an easy terrain you can also opt for gear driven transmission instead of an automatic one.

Finally be aware just how powerful your garden or lawn can be, so always make sure that it will not compromise your safety. Be sure to follow certain precautions and the correct driving instructions described in the manual to prevent any untoward accidents. In addition do ensure that it is kept in good working order; especially if it has to be used for heavy work on dangerous steep inclines.