If you have a small town garden where every square in counts it is vital to get your sitting area right; this said you may like to know that a metal garden bench is the perfect solution. Why? Simply because something like an elegant two seat metal bench is not as heavy looking as a wooden one and will blend in more discreetly. This is particularly important in say a tiny patio garden, which is heavily planted with choice specimens and you want the plants to be the focal point, not the seat.

The true test of design in an urban  garden is going to be the symetry between the hard landscaping, the plants and features such as pots, arches and of course the furniture. With regard to the latter it is vital to get the style and proportion just right. For example what could look more in keeping with the backyard of a Victorian terraced house than a neat, pale cream, cast iron two seat garden bench, which would also lighten up any dark corners.

In a small area you may want to follow the sun round, throughout the day, so this again is where a light to handle bench comes into its own; a large structure made from teak or oak would require a lot of effort to lift.

On the other hand a light metal bench could, at a pinch, even be moved by one person and it is certainly always going to be easier to shift around than its wooden counterpart. In addition if you like to constantly change the ‘look’ of your garden you can paint a metal seat whatever colour you want and as often as you want to match new planting schemes or even the colour of your front door. Unpainted benches, especially those with plenty of architectural detail will generally go with any style and colour scheme, requiring just the odd wipe down to get rid of grime.

There are masses of metal garden benches to choose from online, in fact you will be spoilt for choice whether you are looking for a classic aluminium bench, a garden arch bench, a steel Lutyens style seat or an ornate cast iron bench. It is really down to how much you want to spend and how much outdoor space you have available.