Where a cottage is surrounded by small borders beneath its windows it is a delightful idea to include a selection of night scented plants under living room or bedroom windows. This way on a warm calm evening in summer or at the end of a sunny winter’s day you can enjoy the rich perfume of flowers at any time during the hours of twilight and darkness.

Damask roses, honeysuckle, jasmine and night scented stock spring to mind for this exquisite purpose but there are also many other contenders to be considered, such as old fashioned pinks, Nicotiana affinis and in winter cheerful Mahonia and the delicious Daphne odora. For those confined indoors, or to a bed by illness, the scent of plants, as the day draws to a close, can give a feeling of great contentment is to be had from being able to enjoy rich ambrosial scents.

These delicious scents will drift through open windows, when the rest of the household is sound asleep, giving much comfort and peace. If you don’t have a proper flower bed under your windows, just a driveway or a gravelled area, then you can still achieve much the same results by growing lots of night scented plants in large containers and pots. Just make sure that you keep everything well watered during dry weather and give the plants a good feed at least once a month for lots of flowers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different scents as there may be some that are just too sweet or over powering for your senses, while others may not mix well in a group. Keep an open mind and you will succeed in creating a scented sanctuary. Read more cottage garden tips…