Placing a garden seat, or seats, in woodland area of your garden can create a beautiful sanctuary where you can sit quietly listening to birdsong or watching squirrels scampering up the trees. This said, it is important that you choose the right style of seat and put it in exactly the right place to blend well with its surroundings, otherwise you may kill the very ambiance you are trying to create.

There are several considerations before choosing your seat, namely size, shape and material; so let’s start with material. Natural wood is the obvious choice since it is going to match almost any type of tree or woodland shrub but just be aware that there is one small problem with this material namely that if the base of your garden seat could rot if it is well buried into the floor of the woodland where rotting leaves and damp mulch could instigate the start of decay or even honey fungus.

The other slight downside to wood is that is can get very green from algae and moss if placed under dripping trees and will need scrubbing with soapy water on a fairly regular basis which should be followed up with good feed from teak oil.

A very good alternative are metal tree seats which can fit round your favourite tree and require limited upkeep or attention, especially if they are unpainted. They fit well into almost any woodland theme and there is no danger of rot. In addition they are able to seat several people at a time and therefore you can chare your favourite spot with friends and family.

Probably the least practicable type of garden seat for an informal area is a white painted one; since it is going to look completely out of place and show every mark from falling debris and bird droppings. This style of bench is normally used in more formal situations where a statement is needed to be made. In a natural garden which will be full of native shrubs and trees and often underplanted with snowdrops or bluebells the place where you sit should be barely noticed and almost part of the scenery. Your seat needs to blend in just as you should if you are going to sit and observe the wonders of nature; a good example is a roomy wooden bench.