It is important to choose pond side seats carefully simply because one of the most relaxing places to be in a garden is by the side of a pond. Whether you are looking at a small garden pond with a trickling fountain or a larger stretch of water that is more akin to a small lake it is essential that your seat not only reflects the style of the pond but also is comfortable enough for you to sit for hours at a time to watch your fish and visiting wildlife such as dragonflies and darting swallows.

A still piece of water produces its own sights and sounds that are a tremendous draw for anyone looking for a place of peace and solitude and where better to place a large three seat wooden bench for all the family, or your friends, to sit and enjoy the unique pleasures of pond side entertainment. Feeding the fish, listening to bull frogs calling in the evening twilight, seeing the first water lilies break open into beautiful white or pink visions on the water or even sailing a small boat are all the things that make owning a pond and a pond side seat worthwhile.

The style of your seat can very much depend on the type of pond it is going to be alongside. For example a tiny patio pond would only require a single seat or a very small bench so that the it is not overwhelmed by a huge piece of garden furniture whereas a pond with a promontory would look really good with an usual seat that not only acts as a viewing point but is also as a major part of the garden architecture.