A raised, or above ground, swimming pool is a cheaper and often more practical way of enjoying the summer weather in your garden. Old style pools require expensive construction and can only be designed according to your geographic layout of your property. Raised swimming pools, on the other hand sit on top of the ground and are far easier and quicker to install.

The other advantages are that you can take your pool with you if you move and, even more important, they are much safer than traditional pools if you have a baby or toddler, or even small pets that could be in danger of drowning since nothing can accidently fall into this type of pool because it is raised so high above the ground level. This is why this design is an ideal ‘first’ pool for a family.

Sometimes there is nothing more pleasurable than relaxing for an hour or two in your own outdoor hot tub. This luxury garden accessory is normally made from ceramic, acrylic or wood and filled with heated water, with the temperature controlled by gas or electric heaters. Choosing and preparing the right place for a garden spa will give you the best relaxing experience, especially when several friends or family join in to enjoy the experience. Modern hot tubs are now available in many different designs and sizes you can opt for a small sized tub or share the fun by having a tub with a capacity of up to ten people. One thing is sure, if you suffer from lots of stress and responsibility you really need to get a hot tub, so that you can unwind and relax.