Do you like to think that you are a real country gardener. Perhaps because you’ve battled with the elements for so long and waged annual war on garden pests, pigeons, rabbits, moles and thieving squirrels and yet still find that nothing can curb your enthusiasm. Do you constantly seek out new plant varieties, add new bits an already too large garden and kid yourself that next year you really will have more time to just sit in the garden relaxing, reading or enjoying a glass of wine?

Did you know that country gardeners never have clean finger nails, a sense of completion, lots of new shiny tools, a lack of patience, plenty of money, enough space in their greenhouse, an aversion to moleskin coats, a sound back, friends who won’t share cuttings and plants, a hectic social life or enough room to freeze everything they grow.

Are you a long-standing country gardener or one in the making? If you are the former welcome to a priviliged world; if however you are the latter be assured you have a long bumpy but thrilling ride ahead of you! One final word of warning – you will never stop buying lots of lovely plants to cram into your country garden.