Finally the snowdrops are really coming into their own having shed their winter caution; they are now brave enough to show off their splendid white and green frocks. Everywhere there are great clusters of them in gardens, tucked under roadside hedges and sprawling through woodland. But what I really love is to see them growing in churchyards.

Here they seem to lend an air of hope peeping round old illegible gravestones and romping across neglected sunken graves as if to say that from all this forgotten decay every year there springs new hope no matter what goes on in the world around them.

Two of my favourite places to see snowdrops in churchyards are Belstone churchyard and in particular in the churchyard belonging to the tiny wayside church at Hexworthy. Here they simply smother the ground to such an extent it is hard not to walk on the plethora of snowdrops that draw people from miles around. Visitors are welcome at any time, but it is only polite to leave a small contribution towards the upkeep of the churchyard.