I have just filled my house with old fashioned sweet peas and the scent is nearly overwhelming. I have so many to spare because every year I grow masses of the Spencer sweet peas in a variety of containers behind the stables, where it is sunny and away from sharp winds off Dartmoor. Also cultivating these beautiful old fashioned sweet peas above the ground means that they are not a slug feast and we really get the benefit of them.

The Spencer variety produces a mass of single flowers in all sorts of colours and has a wonderful scent. While the flowers are not so big as many of the specialist strains they do seem to keep coming and coming, so long as you pick them every day to prevent them forming seed pods.

These gorgeous hardy annuals grow at least six feet tall so will need plenty of support but they will easily mix in with other climbing plants and are well worth the effort, since sweet peas are some of the loveliest cut flowers of summer. If you want to buy the seeds and try growing them yourself you can’t do worse than looking online at the Sutton Seeds site