Once the first real hot days of summer appear most of us yearn to spend as much time as possible out of doors. Indeed lots of people like to take that pleasure one step further and enjoy the obvious delights of dining alfresco. There are so many that we have listed the top ten reasons to dine in your garden, on some of the most fabulous outdoor furniture.

1 – The very apparent advantage of eating and drinking in the beautiful and relaxing surroundings of a garden.

2 – You can eat formally with a properly laid up table with a snow-white tablecloth, flowers, the best cutlery and beautiful glassware. You can also have plenty of candles which look fantastic and are safer outside.

3 – Alternatively you can be as casual as you want, dress down, have open house for friends, leave food and drink around (so long as it is covered up) without cluttering up your tidy kitchen.

4 – Let the kids relax at the table, draw, play games and generally feel unrestricted as well as being allowed to drop and spill lots of their food on the ground for hungry birds or even the family dog!

5 – You can combine regular food and drink with a great barbecue, so that you could carry your first course and pudding into the garden from the kitchen but make up your main course from lots of delicious barbecued steak, sausages, chops burgers and fresh mixed salad. This means that although the main course is quite simple you can go to town on the other courses and have great community fun with your barbecue.

6 – You can entertain more friends and family by dining outside. This is because if your dining room is too tiny to hold a large dining table you can often easily fit something like a huge eight seater wooden dining table and chairs set  into your garden or even on a terrace or quite small patio. A great way to socialise and show off your garden at the same time.

7 – Dining in the garden allows you to select a table style to suit your mood. If your outside space and budget is big enough you can buy more than one outdoor dining table and then, depending on the occasion, you can choose between a picnic table, a bistro set, a mosaic table with a parasol or stunning rattan garden dining set.

8 – Putting a neat garden table, loaded with food and drink, next to your pool means you can dine poolside to suit yourself.

9 – You can easily hold a large party in your garden by spreading guests between lots of small tables and random chairs around the lawn or even in flower beds, provide you put down a few temporary stepping stones.

10 – The garden is a great place to eat takeaways, which can stink your house out for the rest of the day; while outside the smell soon wafts away to be replaced by the sweet scent of roses or jasmine. So much better than an air freshener!