On a beautiful summer’s day how many of us would rather be lying on a sun lounger than working in the office? “If only I could work outside and not miss all this lovely sunshine.” we think. Well perhaps there is a way that some lucky people can actually do just that. Because of the huge benefits of modern technology lots of company staff or self employed folk now work from home in a small space put aside for that exact purpose. What is wrong in making that small space your comfortable sun lounger?

Whether you choose a posh wooden sun lounger with wheels to work from, or a cheap lightweight metal one that you can easily drag around the garden, you will be amazed at how much you will relax and be able to work more productively from a sanctuary of beauty and tranquillity.

Admittedly it would not be possible to settle down to a job where you will need to do lots of keyboard work but, if for example, you are checking figures, phoning clients or doing some tedious online research there is no reason on earth why you shouldn’t do it all from the comfort of a garden lounger.

Obviously there are going to be some necessary accessories to make the whole thing pheasable starting with a big thick comfortable lounger cushion. Many come with one already but try to buy the best possible one you can afford; a long drawn out Skype meeting will seem much more tedious if your bottom starts to ache! Another little luxury is a low garden table that you can easily reach from your sun lounger; on this you can put computers, phones, notebooks and coffee.

So you see all you need to do is think outside of the box and hey presto you have a new office outside in the fresh air, away from the kids and more important away from household chores that always seem to take precedence when you work from home. A sun lounger strategically placed in your garden will immediately create a haven that you can operate from in peace and solitude and that doesn’t confine you to the stress and rigours of a stuffy indoor office.